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Noun practice set: We’ll here see some important questions, related to chapter ‘Noun‘. Most of these questions has taken place in any competitive examination. However this article of ‘Noun exercise for Competitive exams’ becomes useful to those who are preparing for any competitive exams such as UPTET, UPPET, SSC Exams , Air force, Banking exams etc.

Noun practice set

The answers of these questions are given underside of this article. You can check the answers after practice of these questions.

Noun practice set for SSC Exams :

Instructions : In the following questions there are four parts of each sentence [(A) , (B) , (C) , (D)] . in which one part has error. Please select that option for Correct answer. If in any sentence has no error. Please select Option ‘D’.

1. All the players (A)/ were (B)/ in high spirit. (C)/ No error (D).

2. Currently (A)/ Our surrounding is (B)/ awful (C)/ No error (D).

3. I could not get (A)/ good mark (B)/ in English (C)/ No error (D).

4. He took his clothings (A)/ and left the place (B)/ without informing us.(C)/ No error (D).

5. How can we (A) rely on (B)/ these informations? (C)/ No error (D).

6. There (A)/ was lot of mistakes (B)/ in your exercise. (C)/ No error (D).

7. Please pay (A)/ my regard (B)/ to your parents. (C)/ No error (D).

8. In the event of an attack (A)/ we will be forced (B)/ to take arm against the enemy (C)/ No error (D).

9. There is lots of money (A)/ in his account (B)/ in the bank.(C)/ No error (D).

10. We must set (A)/ a good example for (B)/ our offsprings to follow. (C)/ No error (D).

11. The sceneries of (A)/ Kashmir are (B)/ most charming. (C)/ No error (D).

12. The surrounding of (A)/ my lodgings (B)/ are pleasant.(C)/ No error (D).

13. Light travels (A)/ faster (B)/ than sounds. (C)/ No error (D).

14. I bought (A)/ the house with (B)/ its equipments.(C)/ No error (D).

15. He has (A)/ bought (B)/ costly furnitures. (C)/ No error (D).

16. A pack of hound (A)/ attacked the herd of sheep (B) and killed a few. (C)/ No error (D).

17. These news have (A)/ disturbed the peace of (B) my mind. (C)/ No error (D).

18. He does not (A)/ appear to have (B)/ any brain. (C)/ No error (D).

19. Our room’s roof (A)/ leaks badly (B)/ in the rainy season. (C)/ No error (D).

20. The son of Mr Brown’s (A) is a (B)/ famous surgeon.(C)/ No error (D).

21. He introduced (A)/ his cousin sister (B)/ to me. (C)/ No error. (D)

Answers : 1-(C) : Spirit – Spirits ; 2-(B) : Surroundings are ; 3-(B) : Marks ; 4-(A) : clothing or clothes ; 5-(C) : pieces of information ; 6-(B) : were a lot of ; 7-(B) : regards ; 8-(C) : Arms ; 9-(A) : a lot of ; 10-(C) : Offspring ; 11-(A) : Scenery ; 12-(A) : Surroundings ; 13-(C) : Sound ; 14-(C) : equipment ; 15-(C) furniture (pieces of furniture) ; 16-(A) : Hounds ; 17-(A) : This news has ; 18-(C) : Brains ; 19-(A) : The roof of our room ; 20-(A) : Mr. Brown ; 21-(B) : Female cousin.

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